About CCFL

Children’s Chance for Life is not about a disease, a people, or a nation; it is about the children. CCFL was established with the purpose that 100% of every donation goes 100% to the children.

Children’s Chance for Life

Children’s Chance For Life (CCFL) is a Christian, faith-based organization that is focused on defending, preserving and restoring the innocence of children through education, therapy, opportunity and community development.

CCFL was created because the administrative costs found in some organizations diminishes the selfless contributions of it’s supporters and the impact those donations can make. That is why CCFL promises 100% of every donation will go solely to the programs that support the children. This is possible because all of CCFL’s overhead costs a paid by a separate anonymous donation.

The children that are supported by you and CCFL are raised by foster mothers and have the choice to attend Faith-Way Christian or any of the other secular schools in their community. CCFL celebrates God’s love and lessons by leading the organization “In the Lord’s Shadow.”


What We Do

CCFL’s commitment to providing children throughout the world with opportunity in all facets of life is brought to fruition in many ways. Whether a football/soccer field for at risk youth in the US or an orphanage in Africa, CCFL deals specifically with opportunities to contribute to the healthy development of children.

Underberg-mapFrom the beginning CCFL has worked closely with approved organizations for the safe and healthy development of children in Underberg, KwaZulu-Natal – a farming community in Eastern South Africa. Due to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in South Africa many children are abandoned at birth because they were born with the virus passed to them by their mother. These orphans have no official records so by standards of the state they do not exist, eliminating their access to the programs provided by the state for their health and foster care – this is where CCFL and their partners step in.

Whether you are an organization or individual interested in if partnering with CCFL in your effort to bless the lives of children in your neighborhood or throughout the world, please contact us and tell us more about your project. All submissions are carefully considered and while all efforts are honorable, we will only contact those that have been selected for further investigation.


How You Can Help

There is a lot of work to be done and you can help in several ways.

Item Donations & Drives

Bot & Nam 2012-1.5 661This is a great opportunities for families, churches and schools to make a big impact on the life of other children. As the needs of the children shift, so does the items we are in need of but two items we can always use are bicycles and new white shoes. The children do not have school buses or cars for parents to drop them off at school. Bicycles help kids get to school, provide exercise and establishes a sense of ownership. New white tennis shoes install this same sense of ownership, as most children once they receive these shoes walk bare foot to school, then wash their feet and put on their shoes once they arrive in the classroom so their shoes stay white. Contact us to see what other items can be the focus of your family’s or organization’s donations or drives.


Currently CCFL does not have a full-time volunteer program which supports donations of your time, but our need for helping hands can shift with one single donation. Contact us and supply your contact information so we can contact you in the future when opportunities arise.


Your cash donation does more then support the kids, but it provides opportunity for those living and working in their communities. Whether used for school costs, buying locally grown produce or used for the wages of one of the teachers or therapists that work directly with the children, your dollar touches the lives of the children and the community that supports them. All of the schools require uniforms and have monthly costs associated with attendance that average to be about $50 per month, a cost which strains the local organizations the most. Donate today!