January 2013 – Clouds Update

We have managed to secure a bursary for Thato Jama- to study to be a Human Rights Lawyer. Tsepo Jama to be a Teacher- awaiting confirmation from Premiers office for his bursary, and Pumla who as I said in previous mail has funding. However the budget for feeder bursary is a contingency budget and to cover stationery, books and education equipment needed.

At the moment the parents are only paid R3000 per month as house parents . Sisizwe is house mother and the Social development officer for the children’s home and because funding has not been secured for her position through lottery the HWH, is paying the extra R5000 per month hence budget shows R8000. However, next year 2014, when there are more young adults, the HWH parents responsibilities will be greater and will be paid more.