December 2012 – Clouds Update


On behalf of the Board of Directors, Management and Staff, and all the children of Clouds of Hope, we would like to thank you very much for your generosity to us over this past year.

We have had a good year of achievement at Clouds.  We have always believed that a sound education is our very best gift to our children.  They are generally doing well, and wonderful opportunities have been offered to some of the older ones for bursaries for tertiary study, and scholarships to complete their schooling.  Programs for those who are not so academically-inclined are also in place.  With the assistance of the German group Be Your Own Hero, and the USA charity Children’s Chance for Life, we have made our dream of a Halfway House a reality.

However, with a large group of our children going to “Big School” for the first time in 2013, (oh my, the excitement!) we have a long way to go.

Our biggest challenge continues to be covering our running costs.  Our useful premises and added developments allow us to provide the services that we know our children need, but without running costs to cover such essentials as Caregivers, food, clothing, education, transport, electricity and water, maintenance etc, we would not be able to keep going.   So we are particularly grateful to you for your contribution.  Without your help, we would not be able to keep the home-fires burning.

Every good wish from all of us, to you and your family for a joyful, peaceful and blessed Christmas, and health and happiness in 2013.


Cynthia Pitt

On behalf of the Board of Directors

Clouds of Hope Children’s Christian Care Centre


“Thou who hast given so much to me, give me one more thing – a grateful heart.”  ~ George Herbert